Tesla’s Unprecedented Surge in Oz: Outshining Toyota in the Race May 2023

Tesla Vehicles

The Electric Revolution Down Under G’day, mates! As a seasoned Aussie car enthusiast and blogger, I’ve got a scorcher of an update for you! Tesla, the California-based electric car trailblazer, is rewriting the rules of the game in our sunburnt country. There’s a rumble in the jungle, and it’s not the V8 supercars – it’s … Read more

Different Ways to Sell your Car in Australia?

Different Ways To Sell Your Car In Australia?

How to Sell a Car in Australia? Where can I Sell my Car online in Australia? What is the best way to sell your car? How to sell your car in Australia? If you’re planning to sell your car, there are a few things you should keep in mind. In Australia, the process of selling … Read more

How to Find the Right Mechanic for Your Car?

Used Tyres

If you have been a car owner for some time, you would invariably have had to depend on an auto mechanic one time or the other. Though there are many car mechanics in your locality, how would you know which one in the long list of car mechanics is the best to choose from. Before … Read more

How to Maintain a Car Battery?

How To Maintain A Car Battery?

What does a vehicle need to start its journey? Definitely, a battery that makes it possible for a vehicle to run and cross miles and miles within seconds. Electrical energy is stored in a battery that is necessary to move a vehicle. So, for keeping your car in movement and in working condition, maintain your … Read more

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