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Toyota Car Truck Wreckers Melbourne

We specialize in a dealership of one of the top-selling Japanese Automotive make Toyota. The Wreckers of Toyota Vehicles at Wrecky buy all your junk, used and old models for recycling.

Whether you currently own an old model that requires an upgrade. Or a junk car sitting in your garage. The Wreckers of Toyota Vehicle offer to take any unwanted model off your hands in exchange for excellent cash. We evaluate your old, used, broken, junk, scrap or even crashed cars for free. And ultimately present you with an incredible price for it that you can’t turn down.

Making extra cash on a car that has only been sitting in your yard for a long time is the smartest thing you can do.


  • We buy all junk, scrap and unwanted cars for their eco-friendly disposal
  • The cash we offer for your old car is remarkable compared to rest of the local car wreckers
  • Our cash offers go as high as $12,000
  • We evaluate your unwanted automobiles absolutely free of cost
  • Each car brought to our yard is dismantled for all its useful parts
  • We guarantee an entirely safe and clean recycling process


Toyota is one of the top-selling brands across the globe. And goes never out of demand. We run several assessments on every car that we purchase for wrecking.

A large number of used cars that we buy are still pretty valuable. Even if they are not in the best of shapes. Each car consists of numerous parts that can later be used to refurbish other cars.

Cash for Toyota Vehicles Melbourne

The Wreckers of Toyota Vehicles take full responsibility for dismantling and finally recycling each vehicle.

We strip all the useful bits off of the car before completely wrecking it. All junk material is sorted into separate piles and carefully recycled.

In the end, the hollow car shell is also crushed and all the metal is recycled for further use.

We ensure that absolutely no part of your beloved car goes to waste. We also make sure that you get every cent for its worth.


As mentioned earlier, Toyota is one of the most popular make, never goes out of demand. And so the need for its spare parts is also very consistent. If you are looking for Toyota car Wreckers Near me? Then Wrecky Car Wreckers is Answer to it.

The wreckers of Toyota cars in our yard deal in hundreds of models on a regular basis. And many of them come with great working parts. After running several quality checks, we stock up all those parts in our yard.

We frequently deal in each of the following models.

All Toyota Models
86IsisToyoacePrius c
Crown MajestaVellfireTownaceAuris Touring Sports
CamryEstimaRegiusaceAvensis Wagon
SAIMIRAINoahPixis EpochPCalya
Mark XVoxyixis MegaINNOVANAV1
AllionEsquirePixis JoyPrius v
PremioSientaPixis TruckSienna
PriusAurisPixis VanPrevia
Prius PHVPassoAurionVerso
Corolla AxioVitzAvalon4Runner
FJ CruiserAquaLevinRAV4
Land CruiserTankMiraiRush
Land Cruiser PradoRoomyViosSequoia
HiluxSucceed VanAgyaHiAce
AvensisProbox VanAygoProAce
Corolla FielderCoasterEtios LivaTacoma
Prius αDynaEtios CrossTundra

You can sell us these or any other model regardless of what condition they are in. And we wreck and recycle it for free.

Wrecky has no affiliation with or sponsorship or approval from Toyota or any Member of Toyota group of companies.

Toyota Car Wreckers Melbourne
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