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  2. We don’t pay cash for your any vehicle because of new government law in Victoria. for more information. we will do an online bank transfer or cheque.
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  20. Remove your Number Plates from your vehicle if you will comply with that then we are not responsible for it.
  21. Remove your all Personal belongs like E-Tag, Purse, Keys, Documents etc if you will comply with that then we are not responsible for it.

Parts Department Terms and Conditions

This Terms & Condition constitutes an agreement between the customer and Wrecky Car Wreckers. Accepting the delivery of the goods mentioned in this invoice is an acknowledgement of acceptance of our condition of sale. If there are any problems with any part supplied, please contact us immediately. DO NOT DISMANTLE ANY ASSEMBLY like engines or gearboxes etc. as they are only warranted while they are still intact. Any warranty is null and void if the assembly is dismantled. The following will also void any warranty:

  • Incorrect or poor fitting
  • Incorrect or failure to carry out proper maintenance
  • Modifications or non-original use
  • Overheating
  • Timing belts should be checked before installation and replaced if necessary – warranty does not extend to timing belt failures


  • Parts are to be installed by licensed mechanic/repairers
  • Broken or damaged gears in gearboxes and differentials are not covered by warranty
  • All turbos are guaranteed to work at startup only. Turbo chargers are classified as an accessory.


  • Wrecky car Wreckers are not responsible for any labor/towing costs of part replacements.
  • Any consequential damage or costs, loss of income or demurrage/downtime that may arise from the use of our parts
  • Any unauthorized repair works
  • Warranty period starts from the date of purchase
  • Wrecky car Wreckers is not responsible for the fitment of incorrect parts, it is the customer/fitter’s responsibility to ensure that the parts supplied are correct for the job before any job commencement.


  • Warranty is for PARTS ONLY
  • Warranty is for Engine and Transmission only unless otherwise stated.
  • Standard warranty is for 3 Months unless otherwise stated.
  • Warranty does not extend to any consumables like gaskets, filter, plugs etc.
  • Warranty does not extend to any oil leaks of any kind, that is the responsibility of the customer/fitter.
  • Warranty does not cover any misuse of vehicles like overheating, inconsistent servicing, and off-road driving.


  • All engines, transmissions and gearboxes are sold on a changeover basis unless otherwise stated on your tax invoice.
  • Customers/fitters must ensure that all the fluids are drained prior to pick up of changeover.
  • The goods must be packaged in the same condition that it was received in (secure on a pallet or skid and wrapped properly)


  • We will give Refund for parts but we charge 20% restocking fee.
  • We will give 100% Store Credit for future parts.
  • Parts are accepted back only if they are in the same condition as sold.
  • Panels and parts sold as inspected and it is up to the customer to ensure that the correct make, model, and body type is given, we are not responsible for any incorrect information given to us.
  • No credit or refund or exchange is given for special orders, items specially procured at the customers request or for cut sections and body sections.
  • No refunds for change of minds or wrong choice
  • Wiring looms and harnesses procured at customers’ request carry a high labor cost and is non-refundable and non-exchangeable under any circumstance
  • Limit of liability shall not exceed the original purchase price of goods sale.
  • Warranty terms and conditions are non-transferrable and non-negotiable.
  • Shipping and freight charges are not refundable.


Before installing an engine, gearbox, transmission, or mechanical part please note the following points

  • Ensure cooling system is in good condition – check radiator, hoses, cap, thermostat, etc.
  • Use the correct oil and lubricants and keep them correct level
  • Replace all oils, fuels, and air filters
  • Timing belts should be checked before installation and replaced if necessary – warranty does not not extend to timing belt failures
  • All oils seals must be checked and replaced if needed. Leaking seals are not covered by warranty
  • For diesel engines fits, you need to service injectors and injector pump. No warranty will be carried out on engines that have damage caused by faulty injectors and or pump.
  • Use of aftermarket ECU (computer) voids warranty
  • Water pumps needs to be checked for wear and or corrosion and replaced if substandard.
  • Failure to comply with these points will void warranty given. Any damage caused by over-heating, lack of proper lubricants, heat tab failure, or missing heat tab, will be the customer’s liability.
  • Engines are sold bare long; therefore, engine accessories are not covered under warranty. The choice is the customers as to whether they use our accessories or their existing ones. Please note, turbo chargers are classified as an accessory.

Please retain this invoice for your records, as any claims/warranty will not be allowed unless accompanied by this invoice.

Please Contact us at complaints@wrecky.com.au before giving reviews so we can resolve your issues.

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Wrecky Australia Pty Ltd is Not Affiliated With Or Related To Or A Subsidiary Of Any Vehicle Manufacturer.

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