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Bmw Car Wreckers
Find the best car wrecker deals in Melbourne. Wrecky BMW wreckers offer you cash as big as $12,999 for all your used and old cars. Yes, BMW the car that practically defines excellence may even come to the end of its life. And when it does Wrecky ensure that you get the maximum cash for it even it has gotten in its worst shape.

Our BMW wreckers could not care less about the condition of your car. We buy it regardless of how old it is. Or how badly damaged it is. All cars brought to our yard are salvaged or completely recycled.


Our recycling routine is guaranteed to be 100% safe and environment-friendly. When a car is brought to our yard, we assess for all its reusable parts. Next, we rid the car of all its excess or residual fluids in a safe way that ensures zero toxicity. After that, the car is fully dismantled. We set aside all the good parts. And rest of the junk parts are piled up separately. Then, the discarded junk material is sorted into different piles of rubbers, plastics and metals.

In the end, the BMW wreckers very carefully wreck and crush the hollow metal shell. And then recycle all the material and is later put it to better use.

Our yard has a huge collection of used and genuine BMW spare parts. We have dealt in every old or new model in the past. You can sell us any of the following and earn instant cash without any delay.

  • M6 Gran Coupe
  • 1 Series Sedan
  • BMW X4
  • BMW i8
  • 4 Series Convertible
  • BMW M4
  • BMW M4 GTS
  • 5 Series Touring
  • 6 Series Gran Turismo
  • BMW M4 CS
  • M4 Convertible
  • BMW M5
  • BMW M2
  • 2 Series
  • BMW X1
  • 3 Series Sedan
  • 3 Series Gran Turismo
  • 6 Series Coupe
  • 6 Series Covertible
  • Z4 Roadster
  • Z4 Coupe
  • 3 Series Cabriolet
  • 1 Series Cabriolet
  • BMW X6
  • BMW X5M


Wrecky offers lot of other remarkable service all across Melbourne.

  1. Free towing service
  2. Free scrap car removal
  3. Car dismantlers
  4. Environment-friendly recyclers
  5. Cash for old cars
  6. Car wreckers
  7. Cheap car parts

Fill a quick quote form online with all the required details and have us evaluate your car for free in no time. You can also call our customer care for any of your queries. Or email at

Our prompt response and flawless evaluation has earned us a great reputation. Moreover, the BMW wreckers at Wrecky are very much qualified for the rightful disposal and recycling of your auto.

We have access to all the suburbs in Melbourne and others within the 10 miles radius. Our team offers to tow all cars from anywhere absolutely free of cost. If you think that your location is not easily accessible. Let us know the exact details and we try our best to make special arrangements.

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