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Subaru Car Wreckers Melbourne

Wrecky offers to buy any of your old, wrecked, junk, used, scrap or broken Subaru in exchange for massive cash. The Subaru wreckers offer a safe wrecking and recycling of your car. We assess all the cars for each of their individual parts. And offer you our best possible cash deal. Even your junk and damaged car have the potential to earn you cash as big as $12,999.

One of the most popular Japanese auto brands, Subaru has never run out of style. In addition to that, its spare parts to remain in demand almost all the time. When a car is brought to our yard, we make sure to assess each of its parts individually. Because most of the time when you sell your junk car for scrap, many of its good parts go unnoticed.


The Subaru wreckers at Wrecky specialize in fully assessing your car. And make sure to remove all the valuable bits before fully wrecking it. Moreover, the specialists file detailed reports for each of those parts. Thus making it much easier for our customers to find the parts on their own.

Each Subaru spare part that we have in our yard is much cheaper than its brand new equivalent in the market.

We deal in almost all models. Following are the ones that we frequently tow for wrecking and recycling.

  • Legacy
  • Forester
  • Impreza
  • Outback
  • BMZ
  • Tribeca
  • Baja
  • Levorg
  • Exiga
  • Sambar
  • Vivio
  • Pleo
  • Justy
  • Leone
  • Sumo
  • Alcyone SVX
  • Rex
  • Vortex
  • Lucra
  • Bighorn
  • Liberty
  • BRAT
  • Brumby


Wrecky Subaru Wreckers offer to remove your car entirely free of cast. Furthermore, the car removal process is guaranteed to take no more than 24 hours. Of course, there is always an option to pick a day and time of your choice. And our team makes sure to arrive right on the designated time.

We appreciate if you remove all personal items from your car before we arrive. This not only saves us time but makes the process even much less of a hassle.

There is an absolutely easy way for you to get the hold of our Subaru wreckers.

You simply need to leave all the necessary details with us. Either call our customer support, email us or fill up an easy free evaluation form online.

Once you provide us with all the necessary details, our valuation experts analyze it and prepare a quote. Only after your approval, we proceed forward and schedule a date and time for pick up.

Finally, our team arrives within 24 hours for a very convenient and hassle-free towing.

You can sell any model of your car to our Subaru wreckers regardless of what condition it is in. Because we believe every car, no matter how badly wrecked it is, still has countless valuable bits. And as the eco-friendly auto recyclers, it is our responsibility to make the most of all automobiles before finally wrecking it.

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Subaru Wreckers Melbourne

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