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hino truck wreckers melbourne

Wrecky Hino wreckers are offering to pay you cash up to $30,000 for all your used and unwanted truck. We deal in every truck make including one of the top-selling Japanese commercial trucks by Hino. Our yard has excellent deals for all trucks whether they are scrap, used, junk, flood-damaged, burned, broken or even crashed to bits.

The expert Hino wreckers at Wrecky take sufficient time in fully assessing the truck. And later present you with its estimated worth in cash. Upon evaluation, the vehicle may pay you as much as $30,000. As soon as we prepare an estimation, our team is willing to pay you the worth instantly in cash. Unlike the rest of the truck dismantlers and recyclers in the city, Wrecky guarantees absolutely no delay. Be it the evaluation of your truck and same day payment, all of it takes no more than a day.

Hino wreckers at Wrecky deal in conventional trucks, hybrid trucks and cab over trucks. Below is the list of all the Hino models that we buy

  • 155 14,500 GVW
  • 155DC 14,500 GVW
  • 195 19,500 GVW
  • XL Series 7/8
  • 238 23,000 GVW
  • 258ALP 25,000 GVW
  • 258LP 25,000 GVW
  • 268 25,500 GVW
  • 268 25,950 GVW
  • 268A 25,950 GVW
  • 338 33,000 GVW
  • 195h 19,500 GVW
  • 195hDC 19,500 GVW

After we bring a vehicle to our yard, the expert Hino wreckers carefully dismantle the car. All the good parts that can be reused are set aside for quality checks. Rest of the parts that are completely damaged are discarded. The discarded material is sorted into separate piles of metals, plastics and rubber. The car recyclers follow a clean-green environment-friendly routine to recycle the car.

Wrecky happens to have a wide variety of genuine Hino parts. We only stock up the spare parts that are great in quality. This is only after the specialist in our yard run a number of tests to ensure quality. You can also get expert assistance in finding the right fit for your vehicle.

Whether it is the junk truck removal or you are looking for the genuine high-quality Hino spare parts. The Hino wreckers at Wrecky guarantee to give you their finest services throughout the procedure.

We buy all flood-damaged, accident-ridden, burned and crashed trucks as well. In addition to that, our widespread network of salvage yards allows us to access any location within Melbourne. And even the neighbouring suburbs can also be easily accessed.

We require you leave all the necessary details with our representative. You can do that by calling our friendly customer support. Or you can also fill a simple form online. The basic details that we need you to tell us to include the mileage, year of manufacture and the overall condition.

Wrecky Hino wreckers offer lots of other services that include

  • Free towing all across Melbourne
  • Free evaluation of your unwanted truck
  • Top dollar cash for all trucks up to $30,000
  • Instant cash payments
  • Cash for scrap trucks
  • Junk truck removal
  • Environment-friendly truck recycling

Hino Wreckers Melbourne

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