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nissan ud wreckers melbourne

Wrecky UD wreckers buy all kinds of old and new trucks, buses, trailers, containers and all other heavy and medium vehicles. Whether your automobile is slightly used, old, damaged or crashed to the bit. Wrecky is the place to sell your unwanted vehicle in exchange for top dollar cash.

We accept all models of the Japanese automotive brand known for diesel truck and buses. UD wreckers in our yard assess the vehicle for its exact worth. We offer a completely free evaluation of your car.


There is a very easy way to sign up for the evaluation of your vehicle. You can either fill a simple online form and let us know all the necessary details about the vehicle that you no longer need. Or call our customer support and have our friendly staff do it for you. We normally require the model of your vehicle, mainly the year it was manufactured. The mileage on your vehicle and the overall condition of your vehicle is also very significant in determining the value of your car.  In addition to that, we also require your contact details. This includes your phone, email and exact location.

As soon as we have all the required information about your vehicle. The UD wreckers evaluate your vehicle and prepare an estimation. Our team gets back to you with our quote and once you accept it. We move forward with the removal and wrecking process. As soon as you approve our offer, we schedule a pickup date and time. Our team arrives at your location with all the equipment to tow your unwanted UD truck or bus.


If your vehicle is not completely broken and can still be driven, you can also drive it to one of our yards. Nevertheless, we make special arrangement for stranded and immobile vehicles. Wrecky UD wreckers have access to all locations in Melbourne and the neighbouring suburbs as well. So if you have your truck, bus or any accidental stranded at a remote site. We can access the location and remove it without any delay.

The UD wreckers at Wrecky deal in all UD models. The ones tat we frequently deal in are as follows

  • New Quon CG
  • Quon GW
  • New Quon CD
  • Quon CW
  • Quon GK
  • New Quon CW
  • Quon CK
  • Quon CV
  • New Quon CX
  • Quon CZ/CF
  • Quon GW
  • New Quon GK
  • Croner LKE
  • Croner PKE
  • Condor MK/LK
  • Croner ME
  • Condor PK

We accept the complete heavy duty range and medium duty range. After we move the UD bus or truck to our yard, the UD wreckers assess as to how to dispose the vehicle. The wreckers first drain our all the residual fluid in the vehicle. Then the dismantlers carefully disassemble the vehicle to sort all the good parts and damaged parts separately.

All the damaged parts are discarded and the good parts go through quality checks. After several tests, we stock up the high-quality UD spare parts and recycle all the discarded material.

used Nissan UD Truck Parts

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