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Toyota Camry Wreckers Melbourne
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Toyota Camry Wreckers Melbourne
Offering you the best cash deals with Wrecky’s top Camry wreckers. Earn cash for all old, scrap, junk, used, broken or any unwanted Camry. We buy old, used and unwanted cars for wrecking and recycling purposes. You will find our cash offers to be the highest as compared to the rest of the car wreckers in Melbourne.

We have gained a great deal of experience as the leading auto dismantlers and recyclers. Wrecky gives you guarantee of an entirely safe car wrecking procedure that is also free of hassle. Our car removal services are absolutely free of cost as well. It is very simple all you need to do is follow the simple steps to get rid of your unwanted Toyota Camry with full convenience.

  1. Sign up for a quick quote online
  2. Let us know all the necessary details about your vehicle. For example the year your car for manufactured, the mileage on your car and what is its overall condition.
  3. Let us know your contact details just so it gets easier for us to respond back to you; we require your phone number, email address and your exact location.
  4. After you provide us with all the necessary details wait for our team to respond back with an undeniably reasonable quote.
  5. Let us know whether or not you approve our cash offer.
  6. Let us know the time and day that suits you the best for a free towing of your car.
  7. Make sure that your clear the path for our towing equipment to access your premise.
  8. And just as we arrive have us hand you the full worth of your car in cash right away.

It is strictly against our policy to first move the car and make the payment transfer later. We, unlike rest of the car wreckers in Melbourne, pay you the cash first thing, before proceeding to the car removal process. This is probably one of the main reasons, Wrecky has earned a reputation as the most reliable car wreckers in Melbourne.

We have absolutely zero additional charges or hidden fees for any of our services. Wrecky Camry wreckers evaluate your car completely free of cost and allow you to shop around and see if you can get yourself a better deal than ours. You will, however, find our cash deal to be the most rewarding and highest paying.


Our friendly customer support is always accessible to get assistance with any query. In case you do not want to get a quick quote online, you can always call our staff and leave all the necessary details about your vehicle and contact them.

No matter where in Melbourne your car is located, our team of car removal experts find a way to access the location and tow your unwanted vehicle within a day.
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