How to Maintain a Car You Don’t Drive Often?

There are many reasons for storing a vehicle for a few months. Storing a vehicle does not mean that you don’t need to maintain it every day but you should take care it the same as it is in running condition. Sometimes you don’t need that much care but still, it needs some maintenance. If you want to store a vehicle then there are many ways to maintain a stored vehicle. Here are some important tips that how can you maintain a vehicle that is stored for some duration.

Be Ready to Store a Vehicle

First of all, you need to get ready to store a vehicle in terms of its duration that for how much time you wanted to store it. These tips will help you to maintain a vehicle that is stored or a spare that you often use it. If you are storing it for some time or an extended period of time that you should need to know some important tips.

Store a vehicle by cleaning it from top to bottom. The cleaning of a vehicle that needs to be stored includes washing, polishing and waxing from outside. Then you need to spay it if is there any unpainted metal on the surface of the vehicle. Undercoating will help to protect against rust or corrosion etc. After fully wash a vehicle, then you need to go ahead for further steps that you need to follow.

After washing a vehicle, it is ready to be stored. You can maintain stored vehicles by following these steps.

Get Ready to Full Gas Tank

To fill up the gas tank depends on how long you want to store a vehicle. If you want to store a vehicle for more than 30 days then you should fill up your gas tank of the vehicle. It is a very important thing that you need to do. If the vehicle sparks then wash it again and fill up the gas tank. This will help you to protect your vehicle to get moisture from building up in the tank.

After filling up the tank, add fuel stabilizer to the tank because the shelf life of fuel is only about three months. The fuel lines will help to protect the vehicle from corrosion if the vehicle is not in a running state for more than 30 days.

Check the Tires Pressure

If you want to store a vehicle then you need some maintenance for your vehicle to keep it in good condition. Although the vehicle is not in use still it needs some proper maintenance. So, before storing your vehicle, check the pressure of the tires so that it maintained in a good way. Because if you are not using your vehicle and it is stored for a long period of time then because of the change in temperature, the tires can slowly lose the pressure.

So inflate your vehicle tires to the recommended air pressure and don’t exceed the maximum. When you want to use the vehicle again then you should repeat this process.

Now your vehicle is ready for storage so here are some tips to keep it maintained.

When your vehicle is stored for some period of time, keep it completely covered. You should use some quality cover that securely fits your vehicle. It will save your vehicle from dirt, moisture, and airflow. It will also protect your vehicle in a very good way that your car will be secured from left to right.

After storing your vehicle, don’t forget the battery because it’s an important power source of a vehicle. A battery can lose its charge immediately if it is not in use for a long time. Turn the vehicle battery off with a proper system so that you don’t need to run a vehicle to charge the battery while a vehicle is stored for some duration. Connect the battery with a tender or trickle charger so that it can automatically turn off.

After the duration completion of vehicle storage, make sure you undo all the preparation you have done for vehicle storage. Especially if the battery is connected to the tender or trickle charger. Before using the vehicle again, make sure you have checked all the cables, wires, hoses and nest so that the vehicle doesn’t disturb you while in running position.

Here are some points you need to keep in mind while stop storing a vehicle. You should check the tire pressure, check the fluids, and inspect the windshield wipers. This step is necessary so that if anything is not working properly then you can make it well according to the need.

Sometimes tires have low air pressure, if so then inflate the pressure. Similarly, if windshield wipers are cracked then replace it for better use. Make sure that all the things are working properly before using a vehicle again.

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