How to Remove and Repair Rust from your Car

Rust is formed due to the reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of water or air moisture. Rust is very hazardous for any vehicle and reduces the life span of its usage. Those brown spots on the car body not only damage the car but they even look very ugly. Automobiles in those areas suffer more from this where there is salt water or salt treatment used to remove the snow.

It is a chemical process and there are different ways to stop it using some chemicals to fix this problem. Here are some of the ways to fix the rust from your car.

Minor Rust Removal

You will need few items to do this process so first prepare yourself with these items like gloves, dust mask, protective eyewear, masking tape, sander, and grinder.

Start with marking the area with the help of the masking tape and cover the rest of the parts so they might not get dirty with dust particles. Then you can start off with a DA sander to remove the paint and rust from the marked area. After using the sander you will find a leveled and smooth surface. Then you can use phosphoric acid if required to remove microscopic rust particles.

After this, you will require the auto spray and primer which you can easily find from auto parts store. Apply the primer first and wait for few minutes then recoat it as one-time application might not be enough but don’t overcoat it. Let it dry for few hours.

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Then with the help of wet sandpaper smoothen the area and remove the gloss so that the paint can stick properly.  After this, you can spray paint the area using lighter coats and with intervals of a few minutes. Use as many coats as you require to achieve the desired color and finish. Let the paint dry completely before removing the tapes from the surrounding area. If required you can use a buffer and clear coat to make the surface even in that area.

Lastly, let the paint set for at least 48 hours before washing your car again. Your car will be in the same condition as before.

Major Rust Removal

If the rusting has penetrated from the surface down to the metal then it becomes more difficult to fix it. It will require more time and efficiency but it is important as it can increase and damage the surrounding areas. The procedure for this one is similar to the other one but requires some additional steps.

Start with marking the area with the help of the masking tape and cover the rest of the area properly. Don’t forget to take the safety measures and wear your gloves, mask, and goggles to protect yourself.

Clean the surface with the help of wax remover and then use a grinder with a sanding wheel to remove the rust. The use of metal grinding wheels can be tricky as it can remove undamaged metal as well.

Use body filler to fill in the holes and depressions left out after removal of the rust. Use finer grit sandpaper to smoothen the body fillers and surrounding paint edges. Clean the area again with the help of wax and grease remover.

Now comes the step of applying primer and paint. Apply two coats of the primer to the clean smooth surface with intervals and let the first coat dry before applying the second one. Clean the surface again with wax and grease remover. In the end, apply the spray paint.

You can clean the dried paint area with cloth but again don’t wash the car for at least 48 hours.

Serious Rust Issues

Some vehicles have serious rust damages which can require welding in new panels and patches costing you a lot in the body shop. Some car bodies are more prone to rusting because they absorb more moisture. It is advisable replacing such parts rather than fixing the rusted area.

The best way to avoid rusting problems is to not let it store on your car. Wash your car on a regular basis especially during the winters to wash off the snow and road chemicals. Apply multiple wax coats on your car that will protect the paint and car against the chemicals.

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