Car Oil Change tips and tricks – When and How

Everybody loves the car they drive but it is important the car should not only look decent from the outside but also has a clean and efficient engine inside. There is no better way to maintain the efficiency of your engine then to regularly change its oil. With time as you keep driving the oil breaks down, changes color and the drive will not feel smooth enough. Along with the oil you also need to change the filter regularly as it gets blocked with pollutants.

Oil changing time depends on the type of the vehicle and its usage but fortunately, it is not very costly so it is better to do it regularly when required.

Another misconception people have is that oil changing is a big hassle and they need someone’s help to get it done. We are sharing some tips and tricks with you so you can do it yourself and try to save some money.

Jack up and drain the oil

Start with raising your car using a jack so you can easily move underneath. Don’t forget to place a jack support after raising your car it is very important for your safety.

The next step is to drain the old oil some people skip this step to save time but it is extremely important to remove the old oil. Remember the oil should not be very hot or cold it should be just warm. If you just came from a drive let the car rest for some time. Similarly, if the car was not started for a long time just start the engine for a few minutes to warm up the oil.

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On the front side of the vehicle, underneath the car engine, you will find the oil bolt. Place the drain pan below the bolt. Unscrew the bolt using the right socket and the oil will start flowing into the pan. Don’t forget to remove the oil cap on top of the engine as it will help in draining the oil quickly. Wait for several minutes for the oil to drain out completely since it is a thick liquid. When the oil stops flowing out then you can insert the bolt back in the same place.

Changing Oil Filter

Changing your oil filter every time while changing your oil is compulsory. Find the filter position in your car which differs depending on the type of car. Once you find the filter just rotate to remove it and keep the drain pan below as there will still be some oil in the filter which will dropdown.

Take the new filter and fill it with new oil and also rub the oil around the new filter gasket. This will help in sealing the gasket onto the engine in a better way. Just place the filter back in the place from where you removed it just with the help of your hands.

Adding the new oil

Before adding the oil make sure you know which type and how much oil is required for your car type.

This is the simpler step where you have to locate the engine oil cap and remove it. Then just pour in the new oil. You can check if the quantity of the oil is enough using the dipstick. Place back the engine oil cap after you are done and your process of changing the oil will be complete.

As an additional step please don’t forget to dispose of your old engine oil properly by taking it to any recycling center or auto parts store.

Always remember to regularly change your engine oil and filter to prolong your engine life as the oil gets contaminated with time. When you will start doing it on your own you can always keep a check for any potential problem in the engine. You will no longer be dependent on anyone else to do it for you and can easily save some money.

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