Tesla’s Unprecedented Surge in Oz: Outshining Toyota in the Race May 2023

The Electric Revolution Down Under

G’day, mates! As a seasoned Aussie car enthusiast and blogger, I’ve got a scorcher of an update for you! Tesla, the California-based electric car trailblazer, is rewriting the rules of the game in our sunburnt country. There’s a rumble in the jungle, and it’s not the V8 supercars – it’s the quiet, efficient, and explosive growth of Tesla down under!

A Record-Breaking Quarter for Tesla

Earning its place in the annals of Australian automotive history, Tesla has just celebrated one of its most successful sales quarters on record. While we’ve been used to the roar of petrol engines, the whispering zoom of electric vehicles (EVs) is quickly becoming a familiar sound on our roads​​.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Models Flying Off the Shelves

What’s more, Tesla’s popularity has reached such heights that they’re nearly out of stock! In May, Tesla hit two impressive milestones that would make any petrolhead take notice. The Model 3 sedan smashed through 10,000 sales year-to-date (with 1,298 of those happening in May itself), while the Model Y SUV wasn’t far behind, with a whopping 8,442 sales year-to-date (including 3,178 in May)​​.

Outrunning Toyota’s RAV4, the Model Y now proudly wears the crown as the top SUV in Australia. It has also claimed the bronze in overall vehicle sales, following closely behind the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger. Now, if that isn’t a sign of the changing tides, I don’t know what is​.

Tesla’s Irresistible Offers

Tesla’s stock depletion isn’t happening without reason. With attractive offers like three months of free supercharging and a $4,000 discount on selected models, it’s no surprise Aussies are rushing to get their hands on these electric beasts​​.

The Current State of Tesla in Australia

At the time of writing, there are just a few Teslas left in Australia. After a recent shipment, Western Australia is home to only 10 new Model Y cars, while Queensland can boast of a mere three. Tasmania, on the other hand, houses two Model 3 vehicles and five Model Y cars, making a grand total of just 20 Tesla vehicles available for purchase in Australia​​.

The Future is Electric

In just the last two months, 16 Tesla shipments have arrived on our shores. With the current rate of sales, this quarter is on track to be the most lucrative for Tesla in Australia​​.

Reflecting this trend, a recent study found that nearly half of Aussie drivers are considering swapping their petrol guzzlers for an electric alternative. Moreover, two out of three respondents view EV technology as the future of transportation​.

As a nation of car lovers, we’re witnessing a revolutionary shift in our driving habits. Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a car wrecker, a used car buyer, or someone looking for a cash for cars or car removal service, the rise of Tesla and the growing acceptance of EVs in Australia can’t be ignored.

Stay tuned for more updates from the thrilling world of Australian automotive!

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