How Much Will I Get if I Scrap my Car?

Though it is an unfortunate fact for those who love their car that no matter how luxurious or expensive your vehicle was, but finally it has to turn into scrap. The reason behind the scrap stage is multiple wear and tear functions, years of patch ups and seasonal fixes, a time comes when the cost of keeping your beloved car exceeds the actual cost of your vehicle. At that moment, you are left with no other option than to send your car to the scrapyard for getting its scrap value.

Important Facts to Consider before Sending your Car to Scrapyard

The above query that arises in one’s mind before sending his car to scrapyard is “how much will I get if I scrap my car?” before we answer this fundamental question, we want to bring in your notice specific essential facts that one must consider before sending his car to scrap. First of all, you should be aware of the fact that there is a scraping or vehicle recycling law that covers all those details like the calculations related to the price of your car scrap. Before deciding to scrap your car, give a thought to the following mentioned questions;

  • What should be the expected scrap price against my vehicle?
  • How to find the most reputed scrap dealer?
  • What are the ways to get the best price quote for scraping my truck?
  • What are all the new scrappage schemes introduced in 2k18?

What Should Be The Expected Scrap Price?

The integral part of scrapping a car is the price you will get against it. Generally speaking an estimated cost for a scrap of metal and iron equivalent to approximate two tons should be quite handsome. But if you check it out, in reality, it is not the case here. One of the underlying reason is that scrape value keeps on fluctuating in the international market for all metals, iron and aluminium etc. so, if you have decided to bring your car to hand it over for scrappage, check the current international trends in the scrap business.

When Can You Get Best Price For Scrap?

The most appropriate time when you can get maximum rice for your ca scrap the period during which their materials are in short supply in the market, and the scrap is taken at reasonable rates to compensate that scarcity of material. But as the number of cars on roads is increasing hugely, the supply to trash has also increased which has ultimately lowered the scrap price.

Besides the current trends in the scrap market that affect the scrap price, there are some other factors too which upgrade or lower the scrap rate against your vehicle. Let’s have a look;

  • Age of your car
  • Total weight of your car and its scrapable material
  • Car make and model
  • The physical condition of metal and other parts

Key Point

The scrap value of your vehicle is calculated on the basis of ton – the weight of that car.

It is an open fat that if you are an owner of a 4 x 4 heavy vehicle and want to turn it into scrap, the price you will receive against your car will be way much higher than the scrap price of an ordinary car. Similarly, a physically sound vehicle which is brought to a scrapyard in a decent condition will get more price as compared to one that is over-aged. In case, your car is completely damaged and over-aged, unfortunately; the scrapper will not offer you even a single penny to take it to the scrapyard.

Tips to Get the Best Price Quote

  • Contact at least three scrapyards and get connected to one that offers the best price
  • Google the current scrap rates before consulting any scrapyard
  • A dismantled car receives more scrap value
  • Clean your car before taking it to the scrapyard

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