How Long Does It Take To Transfer A Car Into My Name?

A vehicle title is something that shows the name of an actual owner of the vehicle. It is a document that requires a change in credentials as soon you buy or sell a car because the vehicle documents must hold the name of the person who owns the vehicle. During the car buyer or sell deal, both the parties have to settle a vehicle title transfer with the vicroads or any other transport authority in your state.  There are certain situations when you need to undergo a vehicle transfer settlement. Let us have a look at the undermentioned facts that will clarify that how long does it take to transfer a car into your name?

Situations where Ownership Transfer is required

  • Selling or buying a car
  • Turning ownership to family members
  • Paying off a debt
  • Transferring a vehicle willingly to someone
  • Changes or corrections needed for the owner’s name

Selling or Buying a Vehicle with Rego

If you are involved in selling or buying a car, you need a vehicle transfer form which usually carries all the terms and conditions under which a sale or purchase is supposed to be made. This document represents the transfer of ownership rights from one person to another. We can say that this document is the real proof of actual ownership and it is required in every sell or purchase of vehicle you make. Make sure Date of Birth and license number is correct in this form.

If you are the buyer of the vehicle transfer form and want to transfer the ownership of the car to your name after the complete settlement of payments, you have to make an appointment with your nearest VicRoads and Fill out should apply for a vehicle title in your name.

Selling or Buying a Vehicle without Rego

If you are selling your vehicle without registration or rego then you can contact us directly we will provide you cash for cars quote. If you want to do a private sale then you will “Receipt of vehicle sale” form from vicroads website. Fill out all the details on that form. Take it to nearest vicroads and you don’t need appointment for it.

When Does The Title Get To Change?

You will have handover the sale of receipt and vehicle transfer form to vicroads officer and he/she will check all the details and transfer that vehicle your name on same day. A minor transfer fee is provided by this time and the only time left in transferring the vehicle ownership title to your name will the time incurred in usual documentation and submission process.

The Process Of Transferring Ownership Title To Family Member

There are certain cases when you gift a vehicle to your family members; the new owner does not have to pay sales tax on the car. Further proceedings will be the same that the recipient of the vehicle should have to visit the VicRoads office to submit an ownership transfer application. Now the answer to the query that how long it will take to transfer title to my name is the same as previous that the same time that was incurred in the usual paperwork as before.

Time Incurred in Vehicle’s Title Transfer

Though the standard procedure for transferring the car title from the buyer to seller is the same as both have to sign an agreement, pay off the dues and visit the VicRoads office to submit an ownership transfer application but the time incurred may vary from state to state but normally it will be done on same day. It may take as maximum as seven days, or it may be done before that. In case if you have applied for title transfer via mail, the further proceedings may take more time.

The actual procedure is to deliver the ownership to the buyer just at the time of delivery of the vehicle, but it will transfer on same day.

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