How Much Is The Junk Car Worth?

Selling a scrap car is a complicated procedure, and one should be wise enough to know the exact worth of his car before contacting a scrapyard. There is a proper criterion for calculating the price for your salvage, and you should know how to estimate the cost of your rescue manually.

The salvage price depends upon the buyer and his concern with your vehicle. If he is interested in buying specific parts of your car like tires, GPS system or bumpers, he will only pay for that particular part. To sell specific parts to a buyer, you should be aware of the market price of these parts of the car. Search on the net the costs of these parts depending upon their condition. Always keep in mind that if the particular part of your vehicle is in a profoundly damaged condition, you will never get a reasonable price for that.

Standard Method Of Salvage Price Calculation

The price of your salvage car can be calculated by getting the price of the same make and model car with the used condition. Though your vehicle is a complete scrap but still to know its salvage price, you have to calculate it in comparison with the amount of the same used car but in better condition. Many things matter a lot in the price calculation of your salvage, have a look;

  • Total costs that can be incurred in wear and tear service of your car to turn it back to running condition
  • The current price of scrap metal and iron in the international market
  • Year, model and make of your scrap car matters a lot in estimating the cost of your vehicle
  • Location from where a car is to be picked also suggest the final price of your scrap car.

It is also recommended that if some parts of your car are still in some good condition, it will be beneficial to sell these parts separately because it will give you a better price.

For example, if the tires of your car are still in original condition even after the damage, you can sell these at a handsome price. Similarly, you can sell the GPS system of your car at very high rates to those who need it. Moreover, if you can arrange for the delivery of your damaged vehicle to the junkyard yourself, it can deduct the expenses that are incurred in picking the car from your location.

If you can sell your Car to the junkyard after providing some maintenance services, it can elevate the sale price of your junk car. Giving complete credentials and documents of your car is clear proof that you are the authorised owner of this car. A vehicle with comprehensive reports always gets a better price and is highly appreciated by the scrapyard owners.

Services of Wrecky Car Wreckers

So, the need of the day is that you should be considerate enough if you want to get a reasonable price quote from the junkyard. If you think that you are not able to be thoughtful enough then contact with Wrecky and get rid of all the calculations tantrum.

We will show you how to calculate and how we make an exact estimate of your car scrap. We are open in every deal we make and give the confidence to our clients so that they can ask us any questions related to the price of their car.

If your car holds any parts in good condition, we offer extra price for it. Sometimes the vehicles which we find in somewhat better shape and we are sure that after specific wear and tear they can be improved more internally and externally, we offer an even better price to the car owners. We believe in integrity and dedication that is why we always fair in every deal we make. Contact us if you want to value your car even after it turns into salvage.



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