How Much Do You Get For Scraping Your Car?

Once in a lifetime if you are loyal with your car and has been using it for decades, one day you have to end up with your vehicle. This is the turning point where your vehicle will have to be transformed into scrap because the damaged condition of your car leaves no other option for you.

The question arises now is how and where to scrap your car and from where you can get the best price out of it. The first thing every car owner should know is the scrap price in the international market. Everyone is not aware of the today’s scrap price in the market, and here we will tell our readers how they can have an idea about the scrap value of their car.

The Main Info Required To Scrap Your Car

Once you have made a final decision about scrapping your car, take note of the following information;

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Nature of damage

When a car owner is approaching any scrapyard for selling his car, he must be aware of the year, make and model of your vehicle and its specific value in the market. Though the price of same make and model car in a running condition will be certainly higher than a damaged car, still you can make a comparison out of it. Also, the price rates differ from state to state so comparing the price of your car scrap with the same kind in any other country will not give an accurate estimate.

Understanding The Scrap Price Quotes

Recognising the worth of your car needs you to have in-depth knowledge about the current scrap price in the market. But keep in mind that these scrap prices change from time to time depending upon the current rate of scrap material. There are certain websites which give a free of cost suggestion about the worth of your car scrap in today’s market. So, it will be better to consult these online services and get an appropriate price quote before approaching any scrapyard.

Calculation Of Scrap Price

The scrap price depends mainly on the weight of that scrap. As, we can say that the average car weighs 4000 pounds and among that weight, 55% comes from steel. Now to check the price of your car scrap, find the rate of steel scrap in the local market as this can give you a near estimate. Similarly, if you know the weight of your car in tons, you can find the scrap price per tons basis. Besides steel, a car holds approximate 330 pounds of aluminium in its body that can also be calculated by the aluminium rate in the current market.

Importance Of Scrap Prices

It is essential to know the exact scrap price while selling your car because if your vehicle has undergone a minor accident, it can retrieve back to its original condition after some maintenance and fixing services.

Whereas if your vehicle has been wrecked down entirely and its engine has also broken down, you can make a prompt decision of turning it into scrap. Again the undamaged parts of your vehicle can be repaired and sold separately and can give you a handsome amount.

Cars with a complete damaged body but still with good mechanical condition get higher price quotes. Usually, the scrapyard owners, detach their used engines and after some repair sell these at higher rates in the market. So, we will suggest that if you have some links with reliable warehouses, you can sell your car engine personally and can get a good price quote. The bumpers, sound system, doors, tires etc. also give good price to you.

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