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Honda Accord Wreckers Melbourne

Earn maximum cash for your old, used, junk and unwanted Honda Accord. Wrecky Accord wreckers pay top dollar cash up to $29,999 for all unwanted cars. We offer to take all cars regardless of the condition they are in. We do, however, assess first to determine their value. And promise to pay you our highest possible price for it.

We have a simple routine that allows you to make maximum cash with our Accord wreckers.

  1. Provide us with all the necessary details about your Honda Accord.
  2. Tell us the model year, overall condition and mileage on your car. Do this by either calling our customer support or by signing up for a quick quote online.
  3. As our team responds back with an offer, let us know whether you approve it or not.
  4. Let our team know about a day that suits you best for car removal and schedule a pick up time.
  5. Let our team pay you the cash, the first thing, before we tow your car.

We hand the full worth of your Honda Accord in cash without any delay. This one of the most attractive services that Wrecky Accord wreckers have to offer. More Information regarding Honda accord model.

Honda Accord Wreckers Melbourne

Not only that, our services are also very swift and most convenient. Once we make deal with our clients, we are very prompt with all of our service. We do not keep our clients waiting through unnecessary procedures. Our team arrives at your location right on the designated date and time and removes the car from your premise without any hassle.

After bringing the car to one of our yards, the Accord wreckers and dismantling experts carefully recycle the car.


First, they make sure to rid the car of all the residual fluid. It is done in such a manner that is 100% eco-friendly. The experts make sure to not the oils and other harmful substances of the vehicle to seep into the ground. They also make sure to not let the automobiles’ fluids and gas to pollute the atmosphere.

Then, the car dismantlers take charge and disassemble the whole vehicle. We find a number of Honda Accord spare parts that are still in good shape. The specialist in our yard put those parts through several quality checks. This is to see if we can resell the parts. All spare parts in our yard are available at a reasonably low price compared to the local car market. The prices may be low but the parts that end up in our stock are best in quality.

After that, all the damaged parts are set aside. Later the discarded parts are sorted into different piles. An automobile normally comprises of rubber, plastic a whole lot of metal. All of which can be recycled to put to better use.

Wrecky Accord wreckers have a number of services to offer. Some of those are listed below

  • Free Towing Service
  • Same Day Removal
  • Instant Cash for Honda Accord
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No-obligation Free Evaluation
  • Hassle-free Car Removal
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