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Toyota Hiace Wreckers Melbourne
Wrecky happens to be one of the leading Toyota Hiace wreckers in Melbourne. You can sell all new, old, broken, junk, scrap and unwanted vans and other light vehicles. It does not make much of a difference to us that whether your car is dead and completely inoperable or slightly used. We buy all vehicle regardless of their condition prepare a highest paying quote.

The cash we offer for your old, scrap, junk, used and unwanted vans may go as high as $12,999. Compared to rest of the car wreckers around the city, we pay the best prices. And not only that, the payments we make are done faster than any other car dismantler in Melbourne.

Our great line of services promise to give you maximum convenience and lots of benefits. Whenever you find a car wrecker to make sale deal for your unwanted car. It is very important for you to work with the one that gives you a maximum number of benefits. Wrecky Hiace wreckers, for example, offer each one of the benefits to their clients

  • Same day car removal
  • Free no-obligation evaluation of all cars
  • Proficient car dismantling and wrecking
  • 100% safe and eco-friendly car recycling
  • Absolutely free towing service across all the suburbs in Melbourne

Toyota Hiace Wreckers Melbourne

Our car wrecking and recycling routine is quite simple. We require you to provide is with just the basic details. This includes

  1. The model of your vehicle and the year it was manufactured
  2. The mileage on your vehicle
  3. Overall condition of your vehicle; whether it is slightly used, broken, old but in good shape, completely wrecked or accidental etc.
  4. And your contact information; name, phone, email and address

Wrecky Hiace wreckers have a very simple way to get you the highest paying deal. You can contact us by signing up for a free evaluation. You can do this by either filling a quick quote form online or by calling our customer support.

Our friendly staff records all the necessary details and lets you know their best offer. Soon after which you can make a sale deal with our Hiace wreckers. We buy old, junk and used Hiace for wrecking and recycling purpose. Our car wrecking process is entirely environmentally friendly.

As soon as we bring the Hiace to our yard, our experts physically assess it. And see for all the good parts that it may have. The first thing they do after the assessment is make sure to drain all the residual fluid from the vehicle. This ensures that the land and the atmosphere are both safe from the harmful substances. Next, they carefully dismantle the vehicle. All the parts are disassembled with wise judgment so that none of the good bits gets damaged. All parts that work fine are separated and tested for quality. The Hiace wreckers, in the end recycle all the discarded material.
Toyota Hiace Parts

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