Driving Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Melbourne is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia. Driving around in Melbourne is a charm, but some people often make a big deal out of it by believing in some myths that are not true. Such legends not only make your driving experience poor but also make you feel that you are driving in a very restrictive manner. Many of these myths about Perth driving are not true. Therefore, you should not believe them.

Below is a list of driving myths you need to stop believing in Melbourne.


Many people believe that in Melbourne, eating while driving has been banned. However, there is no such law which restricts a driver from eating while driving. You can eat as long as it does not adversely affect your driving. Eat low quantities of food and not eat anything which requires two hands such as a salad with a spoon.

Strict Restriction On High Beam Headlights

This is yet another thing which is a common myth. According to the rules and regulations of driving in Melbourne, there is not a complete ban on high beam headlights. High beam headlights can be used when necessary and when the road ahead is not being clear due to the absence of street lights. They can also be used to give a dipper to other cars.

Excessive usage is not encouraged but can be used by drivers who have a problem with the eyesight or when a road does not have any far by lighting at all. Keep in mind that the use of standard bulbs on high and low beams is fine, but the use of High-intensity discharge lamps is prohibited.

Usage Of Phone

You will be surprised to hear that in Melbourne, the usage of the phone is not entirely banned. In driving, you can use a mobile phone but in some CERTAIN conditions only. Firstly, you can use your cell phone if you want to use the navigation software from it.

Secondly, you can use your cell phone for a call but ONLY if you are wearing a hands-free. Other than that, there is no phone usage allowed which makes perfect sense because anymore usage would disrupt the driving and could potentially lead to low concentration on driving. Excessive usage of the phone is prohibited and can be fined too.

Overtaking On An Intersection

Many believe that when a car is turning or at an intersection, one must not be making a pass with another vehicle. However, there is no such law which restricts drivers to do that in Melbourne. For drivers in Melbourne, overtaking is allowed on an intersection when green, and it is even permitted at turns when they are not very sharp ones.

If the corners are sharp ones and overtaking has been prohibited with all the necessary traffic signs over there, you should not be passing but if there are no signs means that there is no restriction as well.

Driving On Cruise Control

Driving on cruise control was once prohibited because it led to many accidents because the drivers became lazy and couldn’t properly drive. The main thing involved over here is that your feet get semi-paralyzed if they are not in a movement for an extended period.

However, this was the case years ago when the traffic was quite low, and the drives were a smooth one be it normal roads or highways. The trend has changed now, and cruise control is now no longer an illegal activity in Melbourne.

You can drive your car on cruise control whether you are on a regular road or any highway. This is probably because now cruise control is an interactive one and there is not a significant chance that the driver gets lazy. This is due to the increase in traffic on both, highways and regular roads.

Driving With Loud Music

As far as driving with loud music is concerned, it is also a pervasive myth that driving with loud music is prohibited. It is not entirely prevented, and you can drive with loud music in the car.

The only thing you need to take care of is the fact that you shouldn’t be near the religious places or you shouldn’t be driving with music on in a residential area at late night timings when people are asleep. In a nutshell, you can push with loud music as far as the people nearby are not being bothered directly or indirectly.

Many people in Melbourne believe that driving is very hard, but it is not reality. There are many myths about it which are not true. We hope that after reading the six myths above, you can drive in a much free manner yet careful too.

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