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cash for cars dandenong

Cash For Cars Dandenong

If you own an unwanted car that is no longer in a running condition, sell it to Wrecky Car Wreckers. We offer excellent Cash for Cars Removal Dandenong up to $13,999. We buy cars in literally any condition, as long as you want to and are authorized to sell it.

An automobile, even a fully wrecked one, may still get you a very good amount of cash. We believe even a junk car has some of its valuable components that serve a greater purpose in the long run. Wrecky Car Removal service allows you to earn extra cash for your old car. We also buy new and fully operable parts. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of cars and car parts. The car wrecker and removal service offered at Wrecky do a basic diagnosis of your car.

We sometimes deduce that your car may be up and running and needs minor repairs. In cases like these, we offer you the best and most affordable solutions. If you still want to sell your old car, we offer to pay you cash for it instantly.

We have plenty of cars brought to our yard for minor adjustments. We sell used car parts at a remarkably low price compared to its market value. Our yard has a vast collection of branded and genuine car parts. We preserve each part including the used tyres and used batteries in an optimal condition. Ready for further use.

Free Car Removal and Towing All Across Dandenong

Wrecky Cash for Cars Removal Dandenong services cover the entire vicinity of Dandenong and its neighbouring suburbs within a 30km radius. Including suburb Bangholme 3175, Dandenong 3175, Dandenong North 3175, Dandenong South 3175, Keysborough 3173, Lyndhurst 3975, Noble Park 3174, Noble Park North 3174, Springvale 3171 and Springvale South 3172. We also offer an absolutely free towing service in all these suburbs. If your location is not listed, we can still manage to have your car removed. Our special services include towing from the remote sites as well.

Cash for Cars Dandenong 3175

Let us know all the necessary details about the condition of your car and its exact location. And we send our team of experts fully equipped for the towing at your doorstep.

Our tow trucks arrive on the scheduled date and time. After you have accepted the offer we make on your car. We make a quote for your car recycling after fully analyzing it for all its parts. Before we do that, we require basic yet all the necessary details. Those must include the make and condition of your car. Though none of it concerns us majorly and we do the towing in any case. But it certainly affects the procedure we follow to do so. For example, if the car can still be driven, we prefer our team or maybe yourself to drive it to our yards. But if the car is a complete wreck and is stationary, we send in our tow trucks.

Trucks Wreckers AND 4wd Car Removal

We are fully equipped to deal in all sorts of cars and heavy-duty trucks. Our services include towing of vans, trucks, cars, SUVs, UTE, 4x4s and all kinds of vintage and heavy-duty vehicles. We specialize in trucks and van removal all across Dandenong and surroundings. We also take care of the abandoned accidental cars and even the flood-damaged ones.

Even if your car is crushed to bits and ready to car disposed of, we offer to pay you instant cash for its exact worth. The incredible Cash for Car removals Dandenong we offer goes as high as $13,999 for cars of all brands. Depending on the condition of your car, we give you a quote for it. And upon approval, we help you earn top cash for your unwanted, junk and scrap car.


All car removal, wrecking, and recycling is done at Wrecky follow a safe and clean-green method. We strongly believe in saving our environment and do our best with our scrap car removal services. Consumer Affairs Victoria has guidelines on your selling your car. Check out our Car Wreckers Dandenong page for details regarding wrecking.

We have our Dandenong Wreckers Yard located in 230 Frankston – Dandenong Rd, Dandenong South Vic. 3175. Our 24/7 customer support is prompt with responses, call for immediate assistance and get a quick quote on your unwanted car.

Car Removals Dandenong

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