Are You Selling Your Car?

Are you one of those car lovers who are crazy to update their vehicle collection with every latest model introduced in the market? Or are you selling your car because you are sick of its repeated wear and tear?

To whatever category you belong, one should know that selling a car is not as simple as it seems. Once you have decided to buy a new car and sell the previous one, obviously you need some handsome amount against your car and getting the right compensation is the primary issue. Here we are going to give you a few tips that will resolve all the problems involved if you are selling your car.

There are two fundamental ways to sell your car;

  1. Either trade it with a new car you are interested in buying and this will involve the help of a car broker but frankly speaking, this way will not pay you off with a handsome amount as the one who will exchange his car with yours will offer you lowest price.
  2. Sell your car privately through placing its advertisement in different advertising media. This approach will give you the best price but again to sell your vehicle via advertising will incur different expenses like advertising expense etc.

Some Facts Before You Advertise Your Car

Are you selling your car by applying the advertising approach? Well, that’s okay but do you ever thought that sure tantrums are associated with car advertising. Let us share a few facts about advertising for a car sale with you.

  • Try to capture all the advertising media either it is social media or print media
  • Make arrangements to pay for all the expenses incurred in advertising
  • Make an attractive and eye catchy advertising phrase that can develop an interest and curiosity in the readers
  • Be active and present on the contact details you shared in the ad round the clock
  • Get your car physically and technically ready for sale by giving it a fresh tuning service
  • Be prepared to deal with the potential buyers as you have to satisfy them for all their queries and test drives
  • Once a buyer shows his willingness to buy your car, negotiate professionally with him about the price and fair payment modes
  • Last but not the least, never hand over the keys to the buyer till you get full selling amount in your pocket /bank account.

Besides all the tips mentioned above, certain other technical delicacies should be kept under consideration if you are going to sell your car. Let us have a glance at these;

Technical Delicacies for a Smooth Car Sale


  • Be honest and realistic while deciding a price for your vehicle Evaluate the cost of your car after checking the price quotes offered by other sellers for the same vehicle make.


  • Never make outstanding hire- purchase agreements
  • Settle all the pending funds first to clarify your vehicle from your specific finance company.


  • Do not try to exaggerate about the technical condition of your vehicle if you are selling your car
  • Sell your car with all the genuine spare parts and engine etc. and in case if something is missing, do inform the buyer before selling.
  • Reckless claims should always be avoided while advertising.
  • Compile all the genuine documents to hand over to your actual buyer so that he/she cannot claims afterwards regarding the vehicle documents.
  • Facilitate your potential buyer appropriately so that he or she can buy your ca with complete confidence.

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