The 7 Deadly Driver Distractions

The number of deaths from road accidents is increasing day by day. One of the main reason for such an alarmingly rising rate is the fact that the driver gets quite distracted during driving which raises the chances of fatal accidents.

Below is a list of few of the deadliest driver distractions which might get you in trouble. If you or someone you know, is somewhat having these distractions, you must immediately take action against it.


The number one thing in our list which has the maximum driver distraction is alcohol or any other forms of intoxicants. If you are going to a party in your car, do not excessively drink. Although, it would be better that you go to a party with a friend, call a cab, or by public transport so that there is no chance that you end up driving.

This would reduce the number of deaths arising from drunk driving cases. Alcohol is the primary distraction for a driver which is not only dangerous for the driver but also for the passengers as well as oncoming cars.

Car Sound System

Car stereo system is just another way of self-destruction in a moving car. Many people do not realise how dangerous pure music can be. When you take your eyes off the road for a second, you may have covered approximately 40 feet on a street and 80 feet on the main road.

40 feet in a street means that if a child gets within 40 feet all of a sudden, you will not be able to break or realise and the impact would be high which may lead to fatal accidents. Similar case for the nuclear road accident can lead to a direct collision from the front and can be deadly.

High Beams

High beams affect your eyes directly in the night because your eye is not that much open to accept such a high light. Many drivers are affected by high beams. An oncoming high beam may block the view of the driver, and the driver might not be able to see even if there is a pole anywhere in the path. Avoid high beam as a distraction for other drivers.

Watching Other Cars

One of the typical issue seen in the case of many male drivers is the fact that they start watching out other vehicles when they are driving. Relax! You are not seeing a sports car for the last time, but it can be your last time if you turn your head to watch out for a car at high speed.

Road Rage

Never start swearing at other drivers as it is one of the major distractions. You have time, and you can get out from the way rather than honk your horn or shout at other drivers and get your mood screwed as well. Road rage should be stopped when seen on roads. It is better for the drivers.

Fancy Another Gender

Again, an issue with the teenagers and the people in their twenties have this issue. Many start watching each other from their cars instead of focusing on the road. That other gender can be the cause of death as well to avoid it.

Use Of Mobile Phones

Last but not the least, the usage of mobile phones is one thing that creates a massive mess at times. A recent video of a guy using snapchat while driving showed that he ended up in a fatal accident. The phone can wait and if it is urgent, get it connected to Bluetooth, hands free, or put it on speaker. Don’t turn your head towards the phone at any time and try to use it only where the car is stationary.

Focus on car safety otherwise; your car might also end up in any car wreckers. Do not get distracted and avoid distractions or else you might have to get car removal services. Focus on the road and prove it safe for yourself and family.

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