Sell Broken Car for Cash

If you have faced a severe accident which has turned your car into a complete broken condition, there are only two options left for you to opt for.

  1. Either take it to any workshop for repair and maintenance services
  2. Take your car to the most reliable junkyard for sale as scrap.

In case your car has not faced any massive damage then it will be recommended to repair your vehicle from any good repute workshop while if your vehicle is no more left for further repairs and is completely damaged, then you are left with only one option, and that is selling it as scrap.

Though you will be feeling quite sad for the loss, you have faced in the form of damage that turned your car into scrap, but there is still good news that you can even earn some money from your broken vehicle.  You can sell your broken car for cash at any authentic scrapyard; the only requirement is that you should know how to earn good money from your damaged vehicle. We are giving our readers a few tips that will help them in selling their broken car for cash.

Tips to Sell your Broken Car for Cash

Get Your Car Prepared

Even though that your car is in a damaged condition, but there might be certain parts of your vehicle that can be recycled and can give you money. Look for these parts, and it will be better if you consult some vehicle technician for this purpose. He will inspect your car and will guide you that which parts can be removed and sold other than scrap. Sone of such elements are the GPS system, sound system, tires etc. make a list of all those parts that are in good condition so that you can demand an extra price from the junkyard.

Using The Kelley Blue Book Or Internet To Evaluate The Price

Kelley blue book is a direct source that can help you in evaluating the actual scrap price of your damaged car. Depending on the physical and engine condition of your vehicle, you can find the exact amount you can get against your car.

Another way to get an accurate price quote is to check the scrap rates in the prevailing market for your particular car make and model. Be confirm about the value of your car so that any scrapyard owner cannot misguide you or offer you low rates.

Be Prepared With All Relevant Documents

Many of the authorised scrapyard dealers do not accept a car until and unless they are confirmed about the ownership of the vehicle. So, before contacting them, you should compile all the documents like ownership certificate of the car so that you can show the purchase of the car to get a reasonable price.

Make A Comparison

Before you decide a particular junkyard, it is better to get price quotes from three to four different junkyards. You can contact these scrapyards via their cellular service or online website service. Call them and get an idea about the price they can offer you, this will help in approaching only that dealer who will give you the best price quote. Contact a few dealers, tell them about the perfect condition of your vehicle and negotiate them about the price. This kind of homework before making a final decision will be of great help to you.

Confirm About The Protocols Offered

Usually, different scrapyards follow different policies under which they provide their services. Some junkyards perform the dismantling of the car themselves while some offer free pick up service for the damaged vehicle. Ask them their price if you can drop the scrap car yourself, and if they provide more price for this, it will be beneficial to contact such scrapyard for further proceedings.

Wrecky also offers car scraping services to their clients and assure them that while dealing with us, they can get the best price for their car. So, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you decide to scrap your vehicle.

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