Safety Tips For Driving At Night

Driving at night is one of the most favorite parts of many people. It sounds a little risky too because while driving at night, one should always approach with particular attention. If there is a lack of focus, the rate of accidents will be more, and that can cost anyone a high price regarding health and money.

Honestly, accidents can happen at any time of the day but mostly in night its because of the driver’s mistakes. At Wrecky, we teach you how to drive safely. We have been in the business of buying wrecked and damaged cars hence we know how accidents impact on the overall value of the car. We have been in the car wrecker business for too long and are among the top car wreckerin Melbourne.

Many people avoid driving at night because they are not able to concentrate entirely. There are some safety precautions below that you need to follow while driving at night.

Avoid Wearing Sunglasses At Night

You can only use your regular eyesight glasses to have a clear vision while driving. Avoid wearing dark or tinted lenses while driving at night. Even though this is quite obvious, yet 3% of the accidents that take place worldwide are because the driver was using sunglasses at night. This can be because many boys are more focused on fashion rather than driving.

Don’t Stare at Oncoming Light

Lights can distract your focus at night. At night your eyes get used-to of the dim glow of the instrument panel and dark road ahead. Focusing on the bright road sign may distract you so you must be focused and try to ignore the oncoming high beams. If the car behind you has its high beam on you can move the rearview mirror in a position that it does not cause strain in your eyes.

Use Fog Lights

As you know the word “fog lights” makes it very clear that why it is used for. It helps the driver to see the front road when your car is completely covered with fog. They are directed as low as possible because fog itself often hangs no lower than a couple of feet on the road, and if fog light is directed high, it will produce glare in the fog and will disturb vision of the oncoming drivers. It is not necessary that you have to use this only when it’s foggy, you can use it whenever you want because they spread more full than ordinary low beams,

Brighten Up

Brighten up your dash lights before sunset and keep them on for at least an hour and also after the sunrise that makes more comfortable for the driver to see in twilight. You should be careful that all the exterior lights are working correctly and make sure all the interior lights are turned off.

Maintain Distance

Make sure you keep a constant distance from other cars; at least 3 meters distance is required between them. Maintaining distance is highly needed because maintaining cars bumper to bumper this can distract the driver in front and you as well.

Keep Your Exterior Mirrors Clean

If your mirrors aren’t clean, that may reflect the lights from cars behind you in a broader range that can glare in your eyes. Make sure that you clean them up correctly before you leave your house, so the point the exterior mirror so that you can move your head from the path where light is reflected. You should keep your exterior mirror moderately downward.

Avoid Over Speeding

Over speeding is one of the main issues. You have to avoid that because that can harm you. If you are crossing the speed limit and not entirely concentrated while driving at night that can cause an unpredictable accident.

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Regular Checkups

Do you love to drive at night right? Sure! Do it but keep one thing in mind. Just keep visiting your doctor, have a regular checkup for testing your eyesight. Mostly eye doctor recommends their patients to keep moving your eyes always, scanning all over around instead of focusing on a particular area for a longer time. You should visit your doctor after every six months.

Fasten Your Seat Belt

Fasten your seatbelt ESPECIALLY while driving at night. You should never ignore the fact of fastening the seat belts because when a car suddenly comes up in front you get panic and pull the breaks that’s where you can hurt yourself. A seat belt helps you to prevent injuries.

Avoid Dazzling

You should drive with high beam whenever it is necessary but dim your light if there is another road user to avoid dazzling them. If you are impressed by the oncoming car, then avoid looking directly into the headlight. At night you should keep your speed and distance constant.

Take Regular Breaks

It is really important to take breaks regularly when driving long distance. But this is more important while driving overnight. After every two hours, you should freshen up and should take some rest, so that you keep yourself alert and focused.

Read The Road Ahead

You should read the road sign from an oncoming road and must follow them. You should never ignore those signs that boards are for your safety reasons.

Road safety is one of the most important lessons, but it requires special care at the night time. Just don’t hurry and drive in a relaxed mood because that will help you focus even better and will avoid any accidents.

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