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Cash For Car Removals Ringwood

Cash for Cars Removal Ringwood

Wrecky Car Wreckers offer some of the finest junk car removal services all across Ringwood. An automobile that you no longer wish to keep, even a junk one, is still worth a lot of cash. Our car removals services allow you to get rid of your unwanted or scrap car in return of top dollar cash up to $9999.


Our services include instant cash payment or if you prefer a bank transfer, we do that too. We transfer the money in your account before your car even arrives at our yard. Our team of experts reach your doorstep with top quality tow trucks, fully equipped. We cover all of Ringwood and its 10km radius circling Mitcham, Croydon, Bayswater, Heathmont, Kilsyth, Boronia, Vermont, Lilydale and Forest Hill to name a few. Our services do not limit to the suburbs we mentioned, if you are a bit farther from these suburbs, we make special arrangements to get to you.


All you need to do is tell us your exact location. Wrecky car removals bring in the equipment and tow your unwanted car free of cost. We take all your unwanted, used, scrap and/or old autos and offer you excellent cash for cars in turn for it. Your car may be of any make, condition or design and we will still be willing to take it off your hands. As long as you are sure you no longer need it. Any car, working or broken, is worth a lot of cash. The cash you get for your scrap car can help you purchase a brand new motor vehicle.

Wrecky offers cash for all sorts of cars, vans, UTE, 4x4s, SUVs, trucks and motorbikes etc. Our cash for car removal service allows you to earn up to $9999 for your scrap car. Any car that you do not want to own any more, even if you think has great working parts, will get you its exact worth. Or maybe even more. We have our specialists fully examine your car. After you fill out all the required details in the form, we give you a prompt quote for it. This is only after we have done an extensive assessment on it. Our specialists make sure that none of the good parts go unnoticed and you get its exact value.


The car removals service at Wrecky also do the towing of accident-ridden cars and flood damaged cars from any location within or surrounding Ringwood. We make sure that none of the damaged vehicles are left lying around. An automobile, if not properly disposed, is just as much of a hazard as its potential benefits. Even a broken car can probably do a lot of harm if left unattended by a roadside or at a deserted site.

The toxins that spill from a junk car are a great hazard to our atmosphere. Every car disposal requires proper professional assistance until it is fully recycled.

Getting assistance of a certified car wrecker company will not only get you cash, you also get to save the environment. Our experts ensure a rather safe and eco-friendly removal and disposal of a junk car. We make sure that none of the good parts go to waste. Therefore, anything that may be used to refurbish another car is preserved. In addition to that, our specialists file reports for each of the scrap parts that go in our stock for further use.

Wrecky’s Cash for Cars Removal service in Ringwood is absolutely free of hassle. We take care of everything from towing to the final paper work. Our customer care is efficient and prompt with responses. We are fully equipped to deal with all sorts of heavy-duty vehicles as well.


Contact us for our instant car removal, disposal and clearance service at 0416 126 640. Wrecky’s Ringwood site is located at Palmerston Rd. E, Ringwood VIC 3134. Call now for immediate assistance and guidance. Cars in any condition are examined and purchased at the best cash offers. Get rid of your old, unwanted, used or scrap cars and earn instant cash for its worth. Our free towing service makes the deal even better for all heavy-duty trucks that need proper removal and disposal.

Car Wreckers Removal Ringwood

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