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Why let your old and worn-out cargo to waste? Even your wreck of a car can earn you cash so high you can’t even imagine. Wrecky has the car scrappers’ service that brings your old, used, junk and broken car to our yard and scrap it for free. Not only that, when we bring your car, we make sure to pay you its full value in cash.

We have been dealing in all kinds of automobiles all across Melbourne. And our experts know exactly how much any car is worth. Upon evaluation, we will give you a reasonable quote and promise to pay you the full amount.

Our primary job is to make the city of Melbourne completely free of automotive waste. Moreover, we do our best to use all resources to the maximum. All the cars that we bring to our yard go through extensive research to determine whether it should immediately be sent to car scrappers or it should be repaired. Our services are suitable for all necessary treatments. And there are absolutely no charges for any of those.

Car Scrappers Melbourne

Anyone in Melbourne can easily sell their unwanted, used, junk, broken or accidental car to us. We have a simple online sign up that allows you to let us know all about the car that you wish to sell. We come up with a high paying quote for it and immediately offer you free car removal as soon as you approve it.

Stop Stressing Over Hassle-free Car Removal – Wrecky makes it all easy!

Every car owner would be bothered by an old or a junk car that is taking up space in their yard. It may even become much of a challenge if you do not find a way to get rid of it. Let us tell you that there is always an option for you to sell your car to the local car scrappers. We happen to be the ones with absolutely no priority when it comes to buying scrap cars.

Our car scrappers promise to take all kinds of cars off your hands in exchange for instant cash. Not only that, we make sure to make it all super convenient for you by offering you a completely free car removal service. We cover all of the Melbourne metro area.

Expert Car Scrappers Offer Highest Paying Cash for Cars Melbourne

Wrecky offers to buy your old, scrap, junk, used and broken cars and offers you maximum value for it. The car scrappers in our yard offer you top dollar cash as high as $13,999!

When it comes to the payment while making a deal, we make sure to hand you the full amount right on the spot. Absolutely no delay!

Earn Full Value for Your Car! ALL TYPES – ALL BRANDS – ALL MODELS

As leading car scrappers in Melbourne, we know exactly how to make the most out of any car. Regardless of how bad shape it is in, we try to look for the parts that may still be good. Even a completely wrecked car consists of numerous parts that are reusable.

At Wrecky we deal in almost every model of the following car brands

We buy all vans, 4x4s, trucks, 4WDs, SUVs, pickup trucks, UTEs etc.

Melbourne’s Eco-friendly Car Scrappers and Recyclers

We make sure to follow a completely safe and environmentally friendly routine when scrapping your old car. There is a wide variety of salvageable old cars in our yard that we take care of. Most of these consists of numerous parts that should not go to waste. Our experts take notes of all and make sure to put them all to better use.

Our eco-friendly approach to car recycling includes reducing waste and maximum utilization of the resources.

What Makes Wrecky the Best in All of Melbourne?

The car scrappers that have the maximum number of benefits to offer you are bound to be the best in all of Melbourne. Take a look at the services that we have to offer to all of our clients.

  • Entirely free car evaluation without any obligation.
  • Safe and hassle-free car removal all across Melbourne.
  • 100% Free towing service!
  • Payments have been made right on the spot.
  • Highest paying cash deals for trucks, vans, SUVs, 4WDs and UTEs
  • Environmentally-friendly car scrappers in Melbourne.
  • Easy online signup and friendly customer support.

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We send you our quote instantly and wait for your approval.

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